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A New Era Castle cracher Cap

2009-08-15 15:33:14 by Bobo-boy

hello Newgrounds,

i was borred a day ad surfing on the internet and because i have a lot of New era caps I come on the site:

but there is a Concept for designers
You can make a New era cap and the best win
when you win your design of your cap Come in production and wil be buyt in the neurby New era shop

heer is my design of Castle crashers
look for the CAP ID (right on the screen) "6323" this is my code
please help me and ofcourse the NG to vote a 5 Star


A New Era Castle cracher Cap


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2009-08-15 23:01:09

I like how you take art from The Behemoth. Straight up copying and pasting isn't necessarily "your" work. I hope you get sued or some shit.


2009-08-15 23:02:20

BTW, learn english. You spelled almost everything wrong.

Bobo-boy responds:

i know come from holland and my english is not so good
sorry for that