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New song is out Now!

2009-08-18 15:50:05 by Bobo-boy

ey guys,

another house song is out now /265205

please listen and ofcourse enjoy :D


A New Era Castle cracher Cap

2009-08-15 15:33:14 by Bobo-boy

hello Newgrounds,

i was borred a day ad surfing on the internet and because i have a lot of New era caps I come on the site:

but there is a Concept for designers
You can make a New era cap and the best win
when you win your design of your cap Come in production and wil be buyt in the neurby New era shop

heer is my design of Castle crashers
look for the CAP ID (right on the screen) "6323" this is my code
please help me and ofcourse the NG to vote a 5 Star


A New Era Castle cracher Cap

new Audio and comming a Flash game

2009-08-14 13:10:49 by Bobo-boy

hello NG :D

there comes a new song longer than 5 minutes *its my own record* its now saving.,,.
its hopely about a half hour uploaded

i design a game but my programmer its stops :S
here a pic of my menu screen (its a start)

its was a Catch game but now i have no programmer and only the menu because we was started this week
and now I need a programmer ho haves idea to make a catch game or something like that in the style of water

help me please and check out me new song :D

Pm me for programming

new Audio and comming a Flash game

Music maker-Piano

2009-06-12 09:03:04 by Bobo-boy

ey NG,

I look for a programmer for my first "Game"
its a mix of piano and a music maker to make a beat or a song and dowload it.
I make the Graphics and the sounds but i need a progammer to finish it.
I word hard too make it good and i still need a week more to make it finish and then i Give it too the programmer.
Here a picture;


Music maker-Piano